About MSD

MSD Executive Committee entering MSDHQ.

Mental State Department is an extra-governmental organization whose dual mandate is the solution of problems and the laughter of crowds. MSD was founded in the Spring of 2011 in response to the "Fun Recession," which had at that point claimed thousands of chuckles and caused many more problems than it had solved.

MSD provides live entertainment and multimedia intended to work in accordance with its dual mandate. Live shows are open to the public, but are usually only for audiences 21 and older. Mental State Department guidelines for the exclusion of low-intelligence people from live performances are not negotiable. If you're too stupid to get the joke, we don't want you crowding out the smart people who do.

The Executive Committee of the Mental State Department consists of:

Shawn Fleek - Founding Father of the Mental State Department, is a stand-up comedian and writer for stage and screen. His focus on politics and current events is generally regarded as "laser-like," and his dedication to getting laughs is sometimes trumped by his desire to solve problems. At MSD, he's known as "the attractive one."

Jay Dean, Founding Member of MSD, is known as "the handsome one." Jay writes and performs stand-up comedy and sketch, and can run further than you can, even if you're really good at running long distances. Jay also enjoys assembling and disassembling houses, a hobby which landed him a spot on "America's Next Top Roofer."

Joe Hieronymus, Founding Member of MSD and the officially-designated "wild card" player, enjoys comic books, cookies, Kansas City, kittens, karaoke, cooking, kinging in checkers, colostomy bag jokes and both consonance and alliteration. He is a fan of baseball, whiskey and women. Even though he aspires to be "the sexy one" he is actually considered "the lazy one," having just awoke from a coma.

Guests of the Mental State Department's live events are not members of the Executive Committee and as such do not represent the officially-stated positions of the Mental State Department, its think-tanks or subsidiaries. All rights reserved. The contents of this website, MSD's live performances and all related promotional materials are the exclusive property of Mental State Department, LLC. All rights reserved.

Correspondence to MSD should be sent directly to mentalstatecomedy  at gmail dot com