Friday, October 21, 2011

11/10/11 - PSIXASS - Six Month Anniversary Show

Problems abound in Portland! We have an Occupation in our downtown parks, making it very hard for people to sell drugs and drink beer there. Our Mayor just went to Asia for ten days and basically told them not to burn the house down. The weather just changed and everyone got depressed at the same time. The Mental State Department has declared an emergency PSICKASS (which happens to co-incide with our 6-month anniversary show) to solve these problems before they get TOO BIG TO SOLVE.

Auggie Smith is a Portland legend. In person or on stage his candor and gentle demeanor, combined with his total willingness to fly off the handle, have made stories of Auggie's jokes into epics, memorable yarns where the comic suddenly stops using the microphone, and starts screaming so loudly as he leaves the stage that the entire already-captive audience grows even more hushed, to hear his every word. He is relevant, biting and he is right, even when he proves you wrong, from your left.

Ron Funches just lit up America via television recently. Conan O'Brien, kid. What TV show were you on? "Nickelodeon GUTS?" Sit down, kid. This is Ron Funches. Portland is graced by his presence but every so often, and the magic rains like gold from the sky. He will float in on a cloud of mystery, drop incredible amounts of levity in what seems like just an instant, and he will glide away to do it to someone else. His majesty will enlighten the audience for centuries.

Gabe Dinger is a familiar face to anyone who has attended a Portland comedy show. He's memorable. Some might say the memories he leaves you with are the somewhat-depraved, hilarious bits he gets away with delivering through his shit-eating grin. But the longer you listen, the more you realize that he's not as terrible a person as he seems. He's a really smart guy, playing stupid-who-is-actually-smart. The joke is on you for laughing, not him for making you laugh.

Our special musical guests are The Band Currently Known As The Band Formerly Known As Too Big To Fail. One problem is the band's name, which the audience will solve during the show, while the comedians solve everyone else's problems.

If you miss this show, you will suffer for it.

11/10/11 - PSIXASS - Six Month Anniversary! 7:30pm Doors - 8pm Show - All Ages Welcome - Tickets are $5 in advance or $7 at the door.

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