Saturday, October 29, 2011

Funny U. Opens Wednesday 11/2 !

What's Funny U.? It's a two-month Occupation of the Weekly Recurring Humor Night.

FU is an evening of comedy, in three parts. It's a comedy writers' workshop, facilitated by MSD, open to the public, intended for comedians and those who wish to become comedians. It's also an hour-long live comedy podcast taping by the Mental State Department. It's even an open mic that gives preferential treatment to comedians who write and attend. FU is five fun weeks between 11/2 and 12/28, every other calendar week, where you can see comedians of every level honing their craft.

At 8:00: Homeroom! - Participants will help each other write jokes, perform them in front of each other, and will receive preferential spots at the open mic later on in the evening. Wanna do a little extra time? Want to bump someone? Come to Homeroom and work on your craft and maybe you'll get your wish.

At 9:30: Study Hall! - Live podcast taping. The Executive Committee of the Mental State Department deliver hilarious special reports on the week in problem-solving. Guest comedians perform. It's a crazy fun time, with a live audience, and it all ends up on the internet so you can listen to it and think about it long afterward.

At 10:45: Recess Open Mic - Homeroom participants and other locals perform in the medium of comedy. A great mic to try out new material in front of a warm and friendly crowd! A better place to bring your A-game and impress comedians, bookers and agents. A perfect room to spot up-and-coming talent.

Tonic Lounge - 3100 NE Sandy - FREE - 21+

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