Friday, May 27, 2011

Skip Ferland: "Got a second?"

(firm handshake) Hello. I'm Skip Ferland, Chief Executive Pitchman for the Mental State Department. I know you haven't got all day, so I'm going to give it to you straight.

What does everyone have? Problems. What does MSD do? We solve them. There, I just told you the entire idea. Now, let me step back and talk details.

Picture comedians, celebrities, rock stars. Oh, yeah and geniuses. Put them all on the same stage, in one night. Pack an audience with smart and sexy people. Get that audience drunk on liquor, make them laugh and think, play games and give them prizes. They have a damn good time, while the Mental State Department solves all their problems.

You're probably thinking "Smart and Sexy? Having a good time solving problems? Sounds ambitious." If that's what you're thinking, that we sound ambitious, it's only because we are ambitious. Mental State Department. Free Show. PSICKASS. Thursday June 9th. Beauty Bar. Will I see you there?

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